Credit Card Retention Offers

Did you know that you can earn free points or a Statement Credit if you call your credit card company and say that you are considering closing your card?  I received offers totaling 90,000 points...


Alaska Airlines Sweet Spots

Alaska, The Last Frontier, the 49th state, its a place I'd love to goto sometime.  I'm not planning a trip to Alaska anytime soon but I am still planning on signing up for the Alaska Airlines Business Visa card.  The reason is....


Citi Bank Credit Card Trifecta

I have to admit, I am a points hoarder.  I stockpile points, I store them for a rainy day.  I try to make sure I am earning the highest possible return on my spending.  In the last 4 years I've earned over 700,000 Citi Thank You points.

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Book This, Not That

There can be a lot of ways to book the same flight.  Most people would goto the website of the airline they want to book with and use their miles...


The Cost of Loyalty

I love getting upgraded to hotel suites and first class on flights but there is a cost involved to achieve hotel and airline status...