Artisan DC Bogota
Artisan DC Bogota Colombia Hotel

Hotel Review: Artisan DC Bogota, Colombia

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I decided to make a trip to the Artisan DC Hotel in Bogota, Colombia before the current Marriott Double Elite Night and 1,000 Bonus points per night promotion ended.  This is a Marriott Autograph Collection brand which means it is an independent hotel but still part of the Marriott company.  It is a smaller boutique hotel with a large open seating area bar that kind of has a speakeasy vibe to it.  I choose to come here because of the excellent prices, I could have stayed in other neighborhoods at nearly half the price but I choose this hotel for the excellent location and nearby restaurants.

The Booking

I booked my room on  In total, I paid $352 for three nights.  I booked a standard Queen room but I used 3 Suite Upgrade Awards. I am not a huge fan of Suite Upgrade Awards because sometimes hotels will deny your request and there are some Marriott brands that you can’t use them at.  Also if you have high level elite status you can get upgraded anyway if they have suites available.  I was upgraded to their Premier Suite, which they called their best suite.  They actually gave me my Suite Awards back and upgraded me anyway.

Hotel Booking

The Room

My room was located on a level with just three other rooms, all suites.  I was in the room called The Weaver or The Premier Suite.  It had a living room with a large table, a fully stocked mini bar (not free though)  The bathroom was smaller than I would have like to have in a suite.  It had dual sinks but they were located just outside the bathroom. Overall it was a nice room considering I only paid for a standard room.

Premier Suite
Premier Suite
Artisan DC Room
Artisan DC Suite Bedroom
Artisan DC Room
Suite Living Room

The Lobby

The Lobby featured various seating areas, couches, chairs and tables for large groups.  It was pretty busy at night all of the nights I was there.  I stopped by the bar a couple times and the bartenders were quick to help me and when ordering drinks even though they didn’t speak much English they were able to understand what I wanted to order.

Artisan DC Lobby
Artisan DC Lobby
Artisan DC Bar
Artisan DC Bar

The hotel had food available at the bar and had also a Sushi restaurant called Osaki.  I ordered Chicken Skewers from the hotel bar by pointing on the menu and showing the waiter what I wanted.  I waited about 25 minutes and asked the waiter if he understood what I ordered and he said chicken salad.  The salads were on a different page of the menu, im not sure how he thought I wanted that.  Eventually my food came out and it was ok but I knew not to order food from the bar again.  The next night I had Sushi at Osaki and it was great and incredibly priced compared to what you would pay in the US. 

Sushi at Osaki
Sushi at Osaki

The hotel is located in the Chapinero area.  It is a great area, there are many great restaurants and bars nearby.  When I plan a trip I look for what there is to do at night nearby.  I don’t mind having to take a taxi during the day to see the sights in the city but I want to be in walking distance to the things I am going to do at night.  There was a Bogota Beer Company bar across the street and there are restaurants nearby named Leo (Ranked #47 in the World’s Top 100) and El Chato (Ranked #80 in the World’s Top 100).  I went to El Chato. Despite being one of the world’s top restaurants there was not line to get in at all.  My feeling is it is priced too high for locals to goto.  There were long lines for other places that seemed more like burger joints or diners.  I had a Grand Oyster and the Tomahawk Steak, both were excellent!

Grand Oyster
Tomahawk Steak


I enjoyed some parts of my stay, the neighborhood that this hotel is in is a great place to stay.  There were some language issues here but that is to be expected in a foreign country.  If I go back I would probably try one of their other properties.  I had some issues with the altitude in Bogota and probably wouldn’t go back to Bogota just for that reason.  This was the nicest upgrade i’ve had since I started this blog, check out my other reviews from the Courtyard in New Orleans during Mardi Gras and the Element in Knoxville.

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