Citi Merchant Offers
Citi Merchant Offers

Citi Bank Merchant Offers

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Citi Merchant Offers

Citi Merchant Offers have been around for a while but they were not available for all card holders.  Most people usually have little to no offers. That changed yesterday.  I have 7, yes Seven Citi Bank credit cards and depending on the card, I have between 100 and 140 offers available on each card.  The thing that makes Citi Merchant Offers better than Amex of Chase Offers is that currently an offer will show up on all of your cards and you can add it to each card.  According to the terms I can use the Uber offer below 4 times.  The BP Offer below, I have on all of my cards. I can save $70 on gas over the next 54 days!  It is possible that these offers will disappear if you do not add them right away.  Also Citi did not make finding the Citi Merchant Offers easy.  There is no way to navigate to it when you are logged in.  Click Here to login to see your Citi Merchant Offers.

Uber Offer
BP $10 Off Offer

Amex Offers

American Express was the leader in this category until Citi opened the flood gates with their new offers.  Unlike Citi, you have to choose which card to add an offer to, it can not be added to each card.  There was a time several years ago that you could add it to each card.  Amex frequently has offers to save money at Marriott, Hilton and Delta.  in 2020 they had offers for Best Buy and Home Depot that provided credits of $50 after spending $50 and each was able to be used twice.

Amex Offers

Chase Offers

Chase also has a similar opportunity to save money called Chase Offers.  The Chase Offers aren’t know for having great savings, they typically offer anywhere from 5 to 15% back.  Which is still a pretty good offer.  If you were using a cash back credit card the best you could earn back would be 5%.  I currently only have 1 Chase card and I rarely use it.  If I add a Chase Sapphire card in the future this is something I would check more often.

Double Dip or Triple Dipping Opportunities

There is a possibility of triple dipping with the Citi Merchant Offers.  American Airlines has a Card Linked site called AA Simply Miles. They also have have a Shopping Portal called AAdvantage Shopping.  Some of these offers are available on all three sites.  The Uber offers and Sunbasket offers are on all of them.  The BP Gas Offer is available on Citi Merchant Offers and Simply Miles.  The Citi Merchant and AA Simply Miles Offers are Card Linked Offers, that means that all you need to do is enroll your card in the offer and you should receive the points or cash back if you use your card to pay.  The AA Shopping Portal requires you to click the link on their site to take advantage of the promotion.  Read my post on Cash Back Portals to find out how to ensure you are earning the most cash back when you shop online.

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