Earn Up to 20,000 Bonvoy Points in Your Pajamas

Marriott Vacation Club
You can earn 20,000 Bonvoy Points by participating in an online timeshare presentation

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      1. The Details
      2. How Do I Signup?
      3. How Many Points Will I Earn? 
      4. Conclusion

The Details

I was searching the Internets today and came across a new promotion from Marriott Vacation Club.  They are offering upto 20,000 Bonvoy Points if you participate in an online timeshare presentation.  This offer is not available on their main homepage, I was able to find it by doing a search online.  You will have to participate in a 90 minutes presentation with a sales person using Microsoft Teams.

How Do I Signup?

  1. Goto this link – HERE.
  2. Under Option 1, Click Schedule My Presentation
  3. Enter your information and Click, Call Me Please
  4. You will receive a call back to schedule your presentation

How Many Points Will I Earn

According to the terms below it says there is a minimum of an income of $100,000 but I participated in one of these presentations last year and they didn’t ask about my income.  It states that depending on the time slot chosen, you could earn between 5,000 to 20,000 points.

Offer Details


This promotion is a no brainer, as long as you can earn atleast 15,000 or 20,000 points.  According to the terms, you can only participate in one of these promotions every 6 months.  I participated in one of these promotions that was offering 50,000 points last year. It can take 4 to 6 weeks to receive the points, although there have been reports of people receiving them within a few days of the presentation and there have been reports of it taking longer than 6 weeks.

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