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      1. Book This, Not That
      2. Book Qatar Airways with American Airlines Miles
      3. Book Turkish Airlines with Avianca LifeMiles
      4. Book WestJet with Air France/KLM Flying Blue Miles
      5. Book Fiji Airways with Alaska Airlines Miles
      6. Book Etihad Airways with American Airlines Miles
      7. Book Royal Air Maroc with American Airlines or Etihad Miles
      8. Conclusion

Book This, Not That

There can be a lot of ways to book the same flight.  Most people would goto the website of the airline they want to book with and use their miles if they have them but that isn’t always the best way to book a flight.  Many airlines no longer have Award Charts and have switched to Dynamic Pricing which means award pricing can vary depending on the day.  The Airlines in this list are partners and they have an Award Chart with their partner airlines. I am going to give some examples of the best way to use your points and miles.

Book Qatar with American Airlines Miles

You can book Qatar for only 40,000 AA Miles in Coach or 70,000 AA miles for Business Class. You could also book this flight through Qatar using 70,000 Qatar Privilege Club miles.  I recommend booking it though AA because it is a lot hard to earn Qatar miles.  Citi Bank is Qatar’s only transfer partner.  There are so many more ways to earn AA miles, not just from flying also from their Citi Bank and Barclays credits, the AAdvantage Shopping Portal and AA Simply Miles.  Qatar also has one of the best business class seats called Qsuites.

AA Charges 40k Miles for Coach and 70k for Business Class and only $7.65 Taxes

Book Turkish Airlines with Avianca Lifemiles

You can book Turkish Airlines for either 49,000 Avianca LifeMiles in Coach or 63,000 Miles in Business Class.  The taxes are only about $25.  This can also be booked directly with Turkish Airlines for 30,000 Miles in Coach or 45,000 Miles in Business Class but the taxes are about $175.  It is also harder to earn Turkish Airlines miles and I would personally would prefer to use slightly more miles and pay less taxes.  Citi and Capital One are Turkish’s only transfer partners.  Avianca Lifemiles is transfer partners with American Express, Citi and Capital One.

63,000 Miles to fly Nonstop from Atlanta to Istanbul

Book WestJet with Air France/KLM Flying Blue Miles

WestJet certainly is not quite as well known or as glamorous as the other airlines on this list.  They are a Canadian airline and a member of the Sky Team Alliance. Air France charges 14,500 and about $42 one way on WestJet flights in Coach.  It can be a great option if you are looking to take a trip to Canada as Air France miles are easy to get.  They are transfer partners with American Express, Citi, Chase and Capital One.  WestJet is not a transfer partner of any of the major transferrable currencies.  

29,000 Flying Blue miles + $84 Round Trip to Canada

Book Fiji Airways with Alaska Airlines Miles

Using Alaska miles to book flights to Fiji or even to Australia. You can fly to Fiji for only 20,000 Alaska miles.  You can make the trip to Fiji a stopover and add Sydney, Australia as your final destination for the same price.  Alaska Airlines has a Bank of America personal and business credit card which usually feature Signup bonus’s from 40k to 60k miles and they have an online shopping portal.  Fiji Airways does not have any transfer partners.

20,000 Alaska Miles + $19 Non Stop from LAX to Fiji

Book Etihad with American Airlines Miles

You can fly from the US to the Middle East in Business Class for only 70,000 miles or in First Class for 115,000 miles.  You can also fly to Africa for 75k in Business Class or 120k in First Class.  Now booking this is where this gets complicated.  You can’t book it online and if you call a US based AA ticket office they will not have visibility to the Etihad flights.  The only way to book it is by calling an AA foreign ticket office.

  • American Airlines UK: +44 207 660 2300
  • American Airlines Germany: +49 69 2999 3234
  • American Airlines Singapore: +65 6349 8444
  • American Airlines Hong Kong: +852 3057 9197
  • American Airlines Australia: +61 2 9101 1948
  • American Airlines New Zealand: +64 9 308 4014
The best way to call them is to use Google Voice, they charge 1 cent per minute for most destinations.


Book Royal Air Maroc with Etihad Miles

You can fly from Nonstop from JFK to Casablanca, Morocco in Business Class for 44,000 Etihad miles.  The only way to book this award is by calling Etihad at 877-690-0767.  The easiest way to find out if there is availability is to look at If AA shows space available on Royal Air Maroc then it should also be available with Etihad.  Etihad has 3 transfer partners, American Express, Citi Bank and Capital One.  Royal Air Maroc doesn’t have any transfer partners.



I think this shows that transferrable points are so valuable because there are so many airlines they can be transferred to. These are some examples of how to maximize your points.  This also shows that you need to do your research before booking a flight.  This applies for short domestic flights and for longer flights to Europe, Asia, Africa and other regions.

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