Earn 22,000 Amex Points Worth $440

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American Express is currently running an Authorized User Promotion.  Depending on which card you have, you may receive a different offer.  The offer listed below is for members of the Platinum Card.  You can add 4 additional cards and earn 20,000 points after spending $2,000 on each card.  In total you would earn 88,000 points.  Membership Reward points are valued at 2 cents each.  That would be a total value of nearly $1,800!

How Do I Signup?

  • To see if you are eligible, go to this LINK.
Amex Points
One of the best Amex Authorized User Bonus Promo Ever


This promotion is a no brainer if you value American Express Membership Reward points.  Amex charges $175 to add upto 3 additional Platinum card members.  But there is another option, you can add an additional Gold Card for no fee.  This Gold Card is not like the Amex Gold Card that earns 4x points on Dining and Grocery Stores.  It works the same way as the Platinum card but does not have any of the perks such as lounge access.   If you don’t have a Platinum card, apply with my referral link HERE.

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