How To Book An Award Flight

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How To Book An Award Flight

I have a flight that I need to book from Milan to London.  I have over 2.5 million miles/points and several options to book it.  I have miles/points with Avianca Lifemiles, American Airlines, Delta, Qantas, Air France, Alaska, Amex Membership Reward Points and Citi Thank You Points. If I want to use the minimum amount of miles or points I would need to check each site to see which one has the lowest price.  British Airways has a flight but it is also bookable thru American Airlines and I could also book it on Amex or Citi’s travel portal.

AA Booking
I can use 12,500 AA Miles plus $30.40
British Airways Option 1: €297 Euros or $325 US Dollars
British Airways Option 2: 9,750 Avios + $27.87 ( I can transfer Amex points to British Airways)
A quick seach on Award Logic shows me all of my options
Point.Me is similar to Award Logic but I was not able to test it because their free option was oversold


I decided to book the flight using American Airline miles because I have a lot of miles right now thanks to the Conservation International promotion from last year.  Award Logic is currently offering the first month free, just make sure to cancel before the month is over to avoid being charged.  Point.Me is said to offer the same services but I was not able to test it because their free promotion from Frequent Miler was sold out.  I will consider using either of these again in the future if I have a flight that has many different places where I can book it.

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